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Sherry Valachovic

Sherry Valachovic, an Agent with McCurdy Real Estate Group, has been selling real estate in New York's Capital Region for over 20 years . Sherry is a certified residential appraiser, ensuring her clients always have the most accurate home value information. Because of her vast experience, she has expertise in all aspects of real estate buying and selling, including sales, rentals, and new construction. 

Matching people with their dream homes is just one of the many reasons Sherry is so passionate about her position as a real estate agent. She provides personalized service to all her clients, both buyers and sellers, so that they efficient receive the desired outcome.

In her free time, Sherry enjoys the great outdoors and can often be found hiking, camping, and horseback riding. Animals are her second passion (next to real estate), and opening an animal rescue/sanctuary is a dream she plans to pursue in the near future. 

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