Moving Tips to Ensure Success

Moving out of a home can be undeniably stressful. Make things as easy as possible for yourself by following these helpful tips:

  • Schedule a donation pickup - Don’t waste time driving to a donation center. Contact local nonprots (or use a service like for pickup so you never have to leave home.
  • Pick a quiet moving day - Weekends are the busiest days to move. Choosing another day of the week may save money with a moving company.
  • Double down with cloth items - Wrap breakables in clothing and linen. Pack glasses and stemware in clean socks.
  • Label the sides of boxes - That way you don’t have to move the boxes to read what’s written on them.
  • Use dresser drawers as boxes - Wrap tightly with plastic wrap and they’re ready to go!
  • Photograph electronics before dismantling - It will be easier to reattach all the cords and wires in your new home.