How To Get Ahead By Increasing Your "Likability"

Being liked puts you on the fast track to success in everything you do. You are naturally likable by being genuine and sincere, but here are some simple tips that can give you a psychological advantage and result in people liking you even more:

Like Yourself First
Be confident in your strengths. Your likability increases as you increase your ability to like yourself. Smiling and sharing your positivity will bring out the same in others.

Maintain eye contact during conversations but keep it in balance (about 60 percent of the time).
Nod your head when you're speaking and people will be inclined to agree with you.

Demonstrate that you like people. Remember their names and use them. (One trick to remembering names is to say the name to someone else.) If you ask a question, give the person time to respond. Remaining silent and waiting for an answer can be especially useful in negotiations.

Learn active listening. Do this by a) paying attention; b) using body language to show you're interested; c) giving feedback, such as rephrasing what a person says to you to show that you understood them; d) asking questions, but not interrupting, and e) giving your opinion respectfully. If you disagree with someone, look for ways to find common ground.

Don't overdo it. You don't need everyone to like you to be successful. Aim to increase your likeability factor to the people who matter to you (and your success) most.